Virginia Patches

The main portion of my collection are patches local, state, and specialized law enforcement agencies in Virginia.

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Federal Patches

My federal collection contains patches from uniformed and investigative agencies.

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Other Police Patches

Patches from a variety of unique agencies, well designed patches, and┬áplaces I’ve visited.

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I am a police officer in Virginia and have been collecting patches since the early 1990s. I concentrate mostly in Virginia and federal patches, but also collect patches from places I’ve visited, unique agencies, or patches that I think are great looking.

I love the hobby not only for the patches, but for the friendships and connections I make when trading. So, if there’s something on my trade list you want let me know and I’m sure we can work something out even if it’s not for a patch in one of my main trading categories.

I typically only trade with other LEOs. If you initiate the trade, I will usually wait to receive your patch(es) before sending mine and likewise, if I initiate the trade, I will send mine first!

Thanks for checking out my collection.

Be safe.

2010 - Present

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